Personal Yoga Training

For ‘Valued People’ who pay more value to their time than money and want to get maximum benefits by practicing individual need based sequence under personal guidance in secure & friendly environment at their home.

A yoga teacher of local area ( area of client) visits the house to identify psychological & psychological requirements of client, tailor a personal set / sequence of practice accordingly, teaches the sequence, supervise and modify the practice on regular basis.

It fulfills the very targeted and personal demands as each and every day it is possible to modify the sequence basis on any change in physical health, psychological state of mind, environment and motive of yoga practice.

Benefits and Advantages

Being very customized and personlized training, it covers verity of benefits and advantages depending on practitioner :-

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    For Students :

    Improvement of memory, intelligence and creativity improvement and releasing the 'exam-stress'

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    For Dancers :

    Improvement of memory, intelligence and creativity improvement and Improved coordination, body control, flexibility, power etc.

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    For Patients :

    To treat Back pain, servical pain, asthma, constipation, insomnia, indigestion, obesity, depression & stress etc.

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    For General People :

    To improve and maintain general fitness or particular aspect of fitness.

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    For Celebrities :

    Loosing weight, Stress release, Anti aging (looking & feeling young) and improving looks, Creativity & confidence building etc.